Bariatric Patients Let us get you back to factory settings

Finally gain control of emotional eating, quit secret binging, and develop a healthy relationship with food!

It was supposed to be easy after the surgery. But lately, those old habits have come back . . . the binges . . . the uncontrollable nibbling. . . the emotional eating . . .

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The average weight loss over all previous reboot was an incredible 10.5 lb and a reduction of 6 inches?

Do you remember what it felt like in those first months after surgery.

  • You could eat only small portions of food
  • You could easily say no to foods if you wanted to
  • Sweet foods didn’t call your name
  • You had no cravings
  • You couldn’t eat on your emotions so you didn’t

Is this how it feels now?

  • Why am I putting on weight?
  • Why can’t I stop at just one biscuit?
  • Why do I turn to food when I am emotional or bored?
  • Why can’t I stick with any diet for longer than a few days or weeks?
  • Why am I regressing to old habits?
  • Why was my weight-loss surgery not enough to stop my cravings?

Well we want to give you a factory reset!

Take a sneak peak of what is in store for you over these two weeks.

The Bariatric Success Brain and Body Reboot!
Created and run by Britain’s #1 Bariatric Success Coach + Eating Psychology Expert

You’ve come to the right place. More importantly, you’ve come to a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE place where together, we’re going to discover why you’re struggling with food obsession, what it takes to get back on track with your eating habits, and exactly how to embrace a healthier mindset about your body!

Meet your coach

Why am I the perfect person to help you with this journey?

Well, I have talked the talk, done the research and walked the walk. I know you, because I am you!!

I have battled with emotional eating all of my life. Food was always my FRENEMY, it was my friend one minute and my enemy the next.

I was permanently on a diet; that rollercoaster of diet, binge, guilt, repeat!!

I had a head like a washing machine on fast spin and I was so unhappy with my life. I knew when I had my Bariatric Surgery I had to find out everything that I could about the way the brain worked around food. It was NEVER the size of my stomach that was the problem. It was why I was eating uncontrollably against my will.

Fast forward 8 years and after lots of research and training as an Eating Psychology Specialist, a Mind Body Eating coach and Food Addiction Specialist, I believe I have the exact model that will help you to overcome your emotional eating forever and start living the life you were destined to live and having already helped hundreds of Bariatric clients, I want to show you how to do this in only 14 days.

Cannot wait to have you on this journey with me.

Always with love

Amanda xxx

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In our 2- week programme, you will receive . . .

A daily e-mail straight into your inbox with your instructions and meal plan for the day

Our proven step-by-step daily meal plan to help reset your restriction with great tasting and easy to make recipes that are both healthy and delicious

14-Day Detox Programme to remove trigger foods that increase cravings and cause you to overeat with our famous neuroscientific 3 minute exercise to stop cravings directly in their track

Personalized Emotional Eating Road Map that shows you what kind of emotional eater you are (and exactly how to STOP it before it begins)

Access to the revolutionary psychological Emotional Eating Model that explains what your brain is doing in regards to food and how you can control it. Your subconscious mind controls 80% of your behaviour, without knowing how to access this part of your brain it is almost impossible to change it and you blame yourself through lack of willpower.

The best-selling “Control Your Cravings and Comfort Eating” e-book from No 1 Amazon best selling author and top Bariatric Success Coach Amanda Jane Duggan

Game-changing neurological exercises to help you manage cravings, self-sabotage, and overeating

Daily nutrition ninjas videos to help you understand all about the nutrition behind this program and change your nutrition for good.

Exclusive Facebook group for accountability and support

Success habits daily checklist either digitally or written

Register now and get the BONUS 3-minute neurological exercise to IMMEDIATELY stop food cravings in their tracks . . .

PLUS, our 50 High Protein Recipe pack to help you plan your meals after the reboot — completely FREE! 


 Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Body

See what others have to say about
The Bariatric Success Brain and Body Reboot


“The outcome – 8lbs lost (5%) body weight, 4.5” off bust, waist and hips but more importantly some healthier habits for body and mind going forward.” – Heather

“I started the course feeling so lost and so out of control of my body and mind, I’d put 2 stones on in lockdown and was secretly hiding my weight away from friends and family . . . it was a vicious circle of torture, binge eating, crying. . . The course is better than any 5 stars rating — it will absolutely change your life . . . learning about what makes our brains do what they do as well and been taught how to nourish our brain, body and soul that is exactly what this reboot will do.” – Dawn

“I wanted to help my mindset and see where I always went wrong in the past and learn how to change it . . . the new me has a good relationship with food. If you find you are struggling, give this a go. It will give you a great insight into why you are sabotaging your weight loss. I highly recommend . . .” – Yvonne

 Make Your Mindset Your Priority

& Discover A Body You Love

Doing a diet or detox without understanding your mind first just leads to yo-yoing weight, frustration, unhealthy binging, and shame . . . How many different diets have you tried and failed? How many times have you blamed yourself (when the truth is, you didn’t have the RIGHT tools to succeed)?

When we understand the inner workings of the mind about food, it means we can CONTROL our reaction to it.

With our revolutionary emotional eating model, daily recipes, support, and proven coping mechanisms, you’ll get YOU back in just TWO weeks — mind, body, and soul.

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Will I lose weight on this program?

The average weight loss on our last program was 11lb and the average inches lost was 6 inches. One lady lost 20lb and 8 inches. Some did not lose anything. Our observation was that the members that fully immersed themselves in the food plan, activities and support were the one's who were the most successful. So if you commit to making this 'your time' and give yourself this two weeks of total commitment then not only will you lose weight but you will learn success habits that will change your whole journey going forwards.

Is this program just for Bariatric patients?

No, this program will work for anyone at all who wants to change their relationship with food, get healthier and stop emotional eating and self-sabotage.

Can I do this program if I am pre-surgery or in the early days after surgery?

Yes, this is the perfect program for a pre-op diet with a few tweaks. Please let us know if that is the case and we will tweak the program for you. If you are early out (first six months) after surgery, we do not suggest you follow the reboot food plan. However, we can give you support at whatever stage you are at with recipes and tips, plus the understanding of good nutrition and how to stop emotional eating and self-sabotage will be invaluable knowledge to you, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Are the sessions live?

No, everything will be recorded so that you can watch them again at any time you wish.

How do I get help if I need it?

We have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post your daily tasks and get community support. Community is a huge part of the success solution and therefore we will give you as much support as possible.

I am from the USA, Iceland, another country will this still work with my foods?

We have had people from all over the world on our first course and everyone benefitted. We have made the recipes and terminology as neutral as possible and included American names for products where we can.

I am vegan, celiac, diabetic, allergic to...... will this work for me?

Yes, there are vegan choices. It is a low sugar plan so great for diabetics and we are committed to finding a way that works for every single person who signs up. So let us know if you have any specific requirements and we can help. However, everyone should check with their doctor and/or dietician before commencing any program to ensure there are no medical reasons that you should not undertake this plan.

What happens when I finish the two-week reboot?

Many of our clients like to come back and do a reboot every couple of months to help them detox and reset their mindset. You have this reboot for life so you can come back to it any time you wish