What will i receive every month? 

Live Weekly support group where you can get group and individual support, help and coaching from Amanda and the others in the program.

Live and recorded monthly eating psychology or nutrition workshops, where you can learn more about what makes you tick when it comes to food, weight and body image. We cover topics such as self sabotage, emotional eating, boundary setting, nutrition, exercise, cooking demonstrations etc.

Guest speakers to teach you about nutrition, intuitive eating, self care, cooking classes etc.

A digital copy of the ONLY magazine designed purely for Bariatric patients in the UK. This includes articles, book club recommendations, tips and tricks, food swaps, recipes and many other things.

Accountability exercises within your Freedom Friendship pod, small group support pods where you can help keep each other accountable on a daily basis.

Discounted member prices for access to one to one sessions with Amanda, Britain's number one bariatric success coach.

The bariatric surgery journey can be like playing a game of poker, constantly trying to stay one step ahead, educating yourself, understanding your eating drivers and psychological triggers, finding like minded people who understand your journey, navigating nutritional advice, getting your questions asked.

There are so many well meaning people both in our families and friends and websites and Facebook groups.

You need to pull out some ACES, to give yourself the very best chance of success.

The Bariatric Success Circle provides you with those ACES so you can smash your long term goals and create the life of your dreams after surgery.


Accountability is the number 1 success tool in weight loss. Being accountable to someone else is an important tool in your tool box. The evidence suggests that accountability with a professional increases your chances of success by a whopping 60 – 90% which means in real terms that you are likely to lose almost twice as much weight if you are accountable to a professional than if you are not.


The second success tool is belonging to a community of people who are going through the same journey as yourself. Bariatric surgery can be a lonely place, friends and family do not understand and can sometimes even unwittingly sabotage our efforts. In order to be successful you need to be part of your own tribe, a tribe of people who you can share experiences with and help and support each other.


It is a minefield. Everybody seems to have an opinion on what to do, what to eat, when, how much etc. these days. It can be so confusing and difficult to know what to believe. Learn from Britain’s no 1 Bariatric Success coach all that you need to know to be long term successful. In the success circle you will have access to our Bariatric University where you will learn about bariatric basics, nutrition, intuitive eating, eating psychology, emotional eating and much more. You will also learn new skills through our monthly masterclass and workshop program.


You need to be able to ask questions and get guidance on any worries or problems you may have during your journey. No question is wrong and Amanda is available to you on a weekly basis for live coaching so you can get your questions answered. You can also post questions in the Facebook group too.

Why should I enrol on the Bariatric Success Circle?

You will learn all about appropriate 'gentle nutrition' and intuitive eating

You will learn WHY you overate in the first place so you do not go back to these coping strategies and learn new ones

You will have a place where you can ask questions every week if you are struggling

You can learn from a professional exactly what you need to do for long term success and cut out the confusion of conflicting advice from others.

You will have people at all stages of the journey that can advise you of the pitfalls and give you their experiences first hand for you to learn from.

You will be giving yourself some extra tools in your tool kit for long term success.

Ready to go? You will get access to the Bariatric Booster Bundle and details to join the support groups immediately.

Start off your success circle journey with our FREE Bariatric Booster bundle

Normal price for bundle alone – £299

Yours for FREE for joining the Success Circle today


Access to your own personal portal to my Beyond Bariatric Basics online program – everything you need to know about Bariatric surgery all in one place)

    Brain & Body Bariatric Booster program – 14 day metabolic boosting food plan and brain training program to start you off or restart your fat burning journey (lose an average of 10.5lb in two weeks)

    A copy of my 50 high protein bariatric recipes cook book (including a two week high protein meal plan)

      Access to my highly effective 3-minute craving buster neuroscience technique to stop any craving in its tracks almost instantly

      Take the “Do you eat your feelings” emotional eating quiz and receive your own Personalised Emotional Eating roadmap based on the answers to your own questions.

      Success Habits online tracker – to track your progress and ensure you are developing the right success habits for long term success

      A copy of my Stop Emotional Eating and Start living E- book

      What the Bariatric Booster Bundle will do for you

      Become a Bariatric Boffin with the Beyond Bariatric Basics online program

      Lose average of 10.5lb in 14 days

      Detox your liver and put in fat burning mode (ideal for pre-op diet)

      Boost your metabolism

      Understand how your subconscious mind drives 80% of your eating behaviour

      Get your pre-frontal cortex (logical thinking brain) back in the driving seat so you feel in control of your food choices

      Educate yourself on the necessary nutrients for body healing so that your body is supported through bariatric surgery and beyond

      Learn our revolutionary 3 minute craving buster neuroscience technique to stop any craving in the moment

      Find out your own personalised subconscious emotional eating triggers and how to overcome them with your personalised Emotional Eating Roadmap

       Why should you work with me?

      Having supported over 1000 clients to outsanding long term success over the past 10 years, I feel I can safely say (somewhat bashfully) ​that I am Britain’s no 1 Bariatric Success Coach. 

      Because I am a former bariatric patient myself, having undergone gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 I am in the unique position of being able to totally understand what you are going through every step of the way. I understand what it feels like to be overweight and I understand how difficult the struggle can be. This understanding and empathy is crucial in helping you to navigate this journey and help you fill your tool kit up with the best tools for long term success. 

      When I had my surgery, I realised very quickly  that the surgical intervention, albeit totally necessary, was never going to be enough. I had to understand why I behaved differently around food if I was going to beat this once and for all and be free around food and food obsession.

      Thus started a long journey of education and self discovery, a whole new career change and a calling to help others navigate this path and use my knowledge and experience to make that road easier and more successful.

      I have since qualified as an Eating Disorder Therapist, an Eating Psychology Expert, a Food Addiction Specialist and a Wellness Coach.

      I believe that my skill set and experience places me amongst the top people in the world to help people with their journey to health, wellness, and happiness.

      But do not take my word for it, here are some testimonials from other people I have helped over the past ten years.

      Sign up today and let me help you to become the very best version of yourself and step into the body and life that was always meant for you.

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