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Do you want to be truly free around food?

Do you want to wake up in the morning and your thoughts turn to your plans for the day and not about what food you can or cannot eat that day?

Do you want to break free from the food obsessive washing machine brain that is on constant fast spin. That talks to you and tells you what you should and should not be eating, how much, when etc?

Do you want to feel great about yourself from the inside out?

Do you want something that gives lasting change rather than a quick overnight or two week fix?

Food Freedom 4 ever is the program for you!

By this stage you have probably tried a hundred or more things to get into a right sized body and stay there. Shakes, soups, intermittent fasting, diet clubs, gym memberships, hypnosis, diet pills and even bariatric surgery. All promising a quick way to lose weight.

As you have also probably found out these quick fixes just do not work!


Because they are trying to fix you from the outside in rather than from the inside out.
Because they lock you inside a place of torture, where they promise you a little bit of all the foods that trigger your brain obsession.

Because they promise you a dream of when you get to a right sized body all your troubles will end, your prince charming (or princess) will ride over the hill on a white charger and sweep you up off your feet and you will live happily ever after.

It’s time to do something radically different!

It’s time to do something that is absolutely guaranteed to work not just in the short term but in the long term!

It’s time to start fixing the problem from the inside and not the outside!

I cannot promise you a quick fix, lasting change takes effort, it takes time and it takes dedication.

I cannot promise you that you will lose a stone a month

I cannot promise you your prince or princess

I can promise you a freedom like you have never felt before

I can promise you a way to get into your right sized body and stay there

I can promise you a way of living that will enable you to live a life without the need to fix yourself with food.

I can promise you love and support to help you every step of the way, regardless of how much you may struggle.

The Food Freedom 4ever Foundation is a membership that will help you achieve all of the above alongside friendship, community and support.

The program will be split into 6 distinct stages, with specific and actionable steps to achieve within each stage.

You can progress through the stages at your own pace, some people will progress quicker than others depending upon time constraints, the amount of willingness and surrender and the parameters of your individual journey.

The Recovery Road


This stage is a two week detox that helps you to eliminate all of the nasties in your diet, learn about how your subconscious and conscious brain works around food and diet and inform you about good nutrition for success.  Your taste buds will start to get a clarity of mind never felt before.


In this stage, you are going to reveal your level of food dependency. Some of you may know immediately that you are food-dependent and be ready for the repair plan. Others may not be so sure and want to try a moderate food plan for a while and see what that feels like. You will be documenting your journey, your food thoughts, and your cravings. By the end of this stage, you will either continue with the moderate plan or decide to go further in the program. Either way, you will need the support and activities of the program for your mind and soul.


28 days of medicine, here you will follow your given nutrition plan and success habits to create healing of brain and body and switch off the washing machine brain of food obsession. You will feel an amazing sense of relief and freedom in this stage, probably something you have not felt for many years.


In this stage you will identify what your individual triggers are, work out the food and behaviours that always send you to eat more food than you intend to. You will also be looking at your spiritual side and starting to get back in touch with your intrinsic self and learn that you are enough exactly as you are. This is the stage where you will be stepping into your right sized body and feeling fab and unstoppable.


So you are feeling fab, looking fab and feeling free. Let’s go even deeper, let’s get to the bottom of anything that may be getting in your way of staying there. You will be tweaking your food plan and looking into any self sabotage or destructive thought processes that are standing in the way of your long term success so you can retain your new found food freedom 4ever.


You are like a radiator. You are glowing and feeling better than ever. This is the time to radiate and show others what you have achieved. In the recovery world there is a slogan that says ‘You have to give it away to keep it’ This is the premise of recovery.

Radiate – How can you help?

This could be as simple as answering questions from new members and being there to support others. Or you may wish to become a FF4E Ambassador. As a FF4E Ambassador you will become a member of the FF4E team and receive training and support to enable you to lead a Food Freedom Pod and support others in their journeys. Your experience is incredibly valuable and working with other people who are in the same situation as yourself is the very best way of keeping you in the middle of the boat and ensuring that you keep your own recovery intact.

You do not have to wait until the end of your journey to become a FF4E Ambassador. You can apply any time after the healing phase to become one of our ambassadors and help to support others on their Food Freedom journey.

Each step is a self based program of activities, videos and resources that you need to complete before moving on to the next stage. Some people can complete all the stages in six months, but is is usual for it to take about 12 months to get on to step 5 and 6 and then continue maintaining in mind, body and spirit.

The Program

The program will be a mixture of food plans, neuroscience techniques, psychology, spirituality, accountability and support.

There will be options for group only solutions and group and individual support solutions.

In the membership portal each month you will also receive:

Our monthly magazine with information, challenges, book club choices, recipes and articles.

Monthly workshop with Amanda, a live masterclass with actionable steps for you to uncover yourself during the month

Monthly abstinent cookery demonstration and recipes provided by Milestone Recovery’s very own Micheal Featherstone, Food Addiction Professional and recovering food addict

Weekly support group for you to attend if you are struggling or to help support others

Accountability exercises within your Freedom Friendship pod, small group support pods where you can help keep each other accountable on a daily basis.

This is not a quick fix solution. This is a long term, long lasting, life changing solution that requires a minimum of 12 month commitment.


The western world is in the middle of the biggest threat to health that it has ever experienced. Over 500 BILLION dollars is spent each and every day on obesity related illnesses in the USA alone. Yet the same governments that are paying that bill will not accept that Food Addiction is a real phenomena, they still believe it is purely the choice of the individual.

However, when you are driven by uncontrollable physical and mental cravings you are completely powerlessness to stop yourself. Maybe you can 2, 3 or 4 times, even 100 for some people with very strong willpower, but eventually there comes a time when you cannot. You just have to have the food. That is not choice, that is powerlessness, the food has the power over you and not the other way round.


And one does not even need to be obese to be in this cycle of food dependency, all that means is that the consequences of the addiction are not as obvious or apparent yet. However, it is a downward spiral, it never ever gets better it only ever gets progressively worse. So the chances are that in the group of your 10 closest friends and family at least 80% of them are food dependent to some degree and approximately 50% of children under the age of 16 are already on that rollercoaster too. When I say food dependent, I do not mean dependent on the food that we all need to live, I mean dependent on sugar, flour and highly processed foods to such an extent that when they cut down or stop they will suffer withdrawal symptoms and uncontrollable cravings and food obsessions to make it incredibly difficult not to continue eating these food. Plus the tolerance to these foods increases over time, meaning that they will gradually need more and more of these foods to stop these withdrawal reactions. Shocking!!

We Need to stop this!

We need to stop this; we need to take charge; we need to stand up and be counted and stop this not just for our own longevity and health but for that of our children and future generations.

When you come on this journey with me you will be doing just that. You will be part of a movement that says NO to added sugar, ultra refined flour and highly processed foods that have been created purely to get us addicted to them so the large corporations can continue to make more money out of all of us whilst we eat ourselves to death.

Join me on my quest to help 1 million people to achieve Food Freedom 4ever by the end of 2025. I know that is an extremely ambitious target but I am so passionate about this that I totally believe we can do this. You can play your part and I will show you exactly how.

Pre-register to get our Founding member locked in price discount here.

We will send you information about enrolment as soon as it is available, but by pre-registering your interest you will be guaranteed to be part of our founding member plan where you will get an introductory special pricing offer and the ability to shape the foundation as it grows over the first twelve months.

You can become one of my Sugar Suffragettes to help change the food industry standards and our own and children’s long term health.

You can help

Sign the petition to get the governments to recognise Food Addiction as a chronic disease to get finance for support

You can help

Sign the petition to get the governments to recognise Food Addiction as a chronic disease to get finance for support

Why can I help you?

I can give you a long list of qualifications that I have obtained over the past 10 years that will help convince you that I have the credentials to help you. However, the most important thing I believe, is for you to know that I am walking the same path alongside you and understand the way your brain works around food.

I am a recovered alcoholic and food addict and at the time of writing this (May 2021) I am celebrating my 9 year sobriety birthday. I achieved this with the help of a twelve step fellowship and for alcohol this worked extremely well and I will be forever grateful.

A year after stopping drinking, I had put on 2 stone (even though I had stopped drinking because I had immediately cross addicted to sugar) I was over 21 stone and it was totally debilitating. I had arthritis in my joints and was in permanent pain.

I then went to have weight loss surgery and I thought I had cracked it. I thought this was the answer. I lost 10 stone in 18 months and I felt unstoppable. I had trained as an eating disorder therapist and I knew so much about eating psychology and I was working as a Bariatric Success Coach helping hundreds of bariatric patients with long term success strategies. I was doing something I loved and I was in utopia.

Until I had some very stressful pressures in my life and I started to eat more sugar again. For a while I got away with it, the weight did not come back on. However, the fear was terrible. I was permanently worried about losing control, about putting the weight back on and I felt a fraud.

It was then that I decided I had to learn more about food addiction. I had tried a 12 step program a couple of times previously but never managed to get any lasting abstinence.

My research and that of many other Food Addiction Professionals, strongly suggests that there is not a one size fits all approach. We do not need to drink alcohol, but we do have to eat food. Because of the vast variety of foods available of which many of them are highly processed and therefore set up to be addictive foods, different people are more susceptible to becoming dependant on different foods and therefore it is necessary to find out individually which foods need to be abstained from and not. I found that food addiction is much more complex, deep rooted and much more behaviour driven from an early age and for that it needs a very different way of tackling it.

I contacted INFACT, the international food addiction counsellor training centre in Iceland and enrolled on an intensive course with them. This was the turning point. I realised that it was not my fault, that I was being rewired by the foods I was eating to become a munching machine and that my brain and body were being set up to fail. I started an abstinent food recovery program and the rest is history, so to speak.

During my training I was fortunate enough to get to know some of the worlds top scientists, doctors and other professionals in the food addiction fraternity plus many other trainees and the idea of the Food Freedom 4ever Foundation was born.  As well as myself, I have access to many other professionals for guest speaker slots and support that we have access to in this membership program.

So to that list of qualfications, here goes:-

Wellness and Health Coach
Life coach – online
Master Practioner with National Centre for Eating Disorders, UK
Master Practioner NLP and Hypnosis, London
Master Practitioner in EFT and Matrix re-imprinting, Brighton
Emotional Eating Practitioner Training – Ireland
Certified Mind Body Eating Coach – Institute for Psychology of Eating, USA
Food Addiction Professional – European Certification Board for Prevention & Addiction Counselling and International School for Food Addiction Counselling and Treatment

I can help you on your journey

So its up to you to decide if I am the right person to help you in your journey. I hope that you do, as I can promise you support and love all along the way

Join our waiting list to get access to our founding member package with exclusive lifetime discounts and benefits.

As a thank you, we will send you a free copy of our monthly magazine so you can see the sort of thing we have in store for you.

You can help

Sign the petition to get the governments to recognise Food Addiction as a chronic disease to get finance for support

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