Make 2022 your year!


Get off all of those processed foods, sugars and other nasties and reset your relationship with food in my 90 day step by step program to release you from food cravings, obsessional thoughts and step into your right sized body without shakes, pills, starvation or exercise.



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This is a four stage program over 90 days with food plans, masterclasses, workbook and bucket loads of online support.

The first stage in this amazing program is our famous 14 day brain and body detox program with an average weight loss over two weeks of 10lb.

Try this reboot for 49.99 – if you decide after the reboot the program is not for you then you can cancel any further payments and you will not pay a penny more.

What does this look like?

This is for you if

  • You are sick of doing the same thing and expecting a different result
  • You are prepared to embrace change for your highest good.
  • You are open to a way that brings lasting change not necessarily fast change
  • You want a life free of food obsession and cravings
  • You want to stop thinking about food all day long
  • You want to see food as an enjoyable fuel and not a way of rewarding yourself
  • You want a healthier and happier life for yourself and your family

This is not for you if

  • You want a quick fix
  • You are only wanting to lose weight at any cost
  • You want a pick and mix approach (you have to do what it says on the tin)
  • You want a weekday only food plan
  • You do not want to grow and create your best life
  • You are not ready to change

Watch the workshop replay

Mirian explains her experience of the program

Food plans and trackers

Weekly Group coaching sessions with Amanda

Access to your Food Freedom Family where you will do daily and monthly accountability exercises to keep you on track.

Your own private portal where you will access your own personalised masterclasses, activities, searchable recipe hub

Chat and connect sessions for members to get together during the week to support each other

Monthly magazine, with competitions, challenges, book club, recipes, articles and links to videos.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Are you ready to put yourself first?
Are you ready to make a change that will change your life forever?
Do you want to be a Weight Loss Wendy or a Life Loving Linda?

Half price offer

Was £999 for 12 months

Now £499 for 12 months

Or pay

£49.99 per month for 12 month (can cancel after reboot if not satisfied)