FF4E Program

Congratulations on making it this far!  Welcome to the FF4E program.

Below you can track your progress through the program and start the various stages as they become available.

You will see stage titles and descriptions along with your progress.  You simply click the ‘start’ button to begin a section of the program.  Once on the relevant section, when you have completed any tasks or have the files you require you can click the ‘completed’ button at the bottom of the screen to then move on to the next section.

You will be emailed when a new section becomes available.

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REBOOT - This stage is a two week detox that helps you to eliminate all of the nasties in your diet, learn about how your subconscious and conscious brain works around food and diet and inform you about good nutrition for success. Your taste buds will start to revitalise, food will taste amazing and you will start to get a clarity of mind never felt before.
REPAIR STAGE - 28 days of medicine, here you will follow your given nutrition plan and success habits to create healing of brain and body and switch off the washing machine brain of food obsession. You will feel an amazing sense of relief and freedom in this stage, probably something you have not felt for many years.
RELEASE - In this stage you will identify what your individual triggers are, work out the food and behaviours that always send you to eat more food than you intend to. You will also be looking at your spiritual side and starting to get back in touch with your intrinsic self and learn that you are enough exactly as you are. This is the stage where you will be stepping into your right sized body and feeling fab and unstoppable.
RETAIN - So you are feeling fab, looking fab and feeling free. Let’s go even deeper, let’s get to the bottom of anything that may be getting in your way of staying there. You will be tweaking your food plan and looking into any self sabotage or destructive thought processes that are standing in the way of your long term success so you can retain your new found food freedom 4ever.
RADIATE - You are like a radiator. You are glowing and feeling better than ever. This is the time to radiate and show others what you have achieved. In the recovery world there is a slogan that says ‘You have to give it away to keep it’ This is the premise of recovery.